PHOENIXPLAYERS is an amateur theatrical company that was established in 1989. The company aims to develop and promote theatrical skills as well as produce high quality theatre experiences that can be enjoyed by all ages. The company consists of a group of people who can apply their skills, not just to PHOENIXPLAYERS, but to other theatrical groups around the ACT and beyond. More...

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In 2007 PHOENIXPLAYERS introduced an emerging artists program PHOENIXRISING, which provides an opportunity for first time directors, musical directors, choreographers to "get their wings" with PHOENIXPLAYERS. It also provides an opportunity for new work to be performed. More...

High Fidelity


Phoenix Players is pleased to announce our next show will be High Fidelity a new musical based on the extremely well loved book by Nick Hornby, as well as the equally popular movie that stars John Cusack.

High Fidelity tickets now on sale.



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